“I would highly recommend Patrick Dobbin to anyone looking to master the art of interviews. He knows the business inside and out. Patrick understood exactly where I was at and what I needed to drill down into when answering questions. If you struggle with interviews then you seriously should call Patrick.”



“I can’t thank Patrick Dobbin enough. He literally taught me how to walk into a room and speak calmly and with confidence. I now know how to humbly influence a situation in my favour and it has led me to being successful in my application. I’m a senior in the finance sector and my competition is extremely tough. I have no doubt Patrick’s techniques and advice helped place me as the highest-ranked candidate. Thank you, Patrick. You have played a critical role in growing my career!”



“Patrick was the point of a turnaround in my career. He helped me understand how important it was to have a clear pathway of what I needed to say in my head. I learned how to talk about myself comfortably. As a graduate, I now realise I was flying blind regarding interviews. Patrick helped me understand what was happening and what I had to do and say to get the job offer. ”



“As a senior manager, finding someone I could trust and learn from was critical to progressing my career. Luckily, I came across Patrick, who clearly had experience working with people at the senior executive level. Patrick has taught me how to speak confidently in demanding interview environments and how to influence situations professionally and authentically. Working with him was not awkward or hard – it was easy. I would highly recommend him. ”



“Learning how you can structure interview responses is one of the most important skills I have learnt. Patrick taught me there is so much more to learn than just a STAR technique. Patrick showed me how I could apply my experience to handle all types of interview questions, not just your typical behavioural question. I now have something to share no matter what I get asked.”



“Patrick helped me to understand what was really going on in the interview, how the panel were thinking and what they were looking for. His techniques gave me a clear and simple approach that I can use when under pressure in an interview. I now have a relationship with someone who I can call and reflect with – I know he won’t judge me and that he is on my side.”



I just want to express my gratitude for all the time and work that you put in to assist me in “interview land.” Thank you for your patience and understanding – I really appreciated your insights and approach to tackling interviews.



“Thanks Patrick. Couldn’t have done it without you! I have got so much out of our sessions. You’ve made me feel more confident and ready to tackle any interview question that’s thrown at me! Really appreciate you fitting me in at such short notice as well. ”